Antibodies for body part transglutaminase saved in the insides of liquid body substance experiment unenthusiastic upset disease patients are likewise saved in the intestine and encephalon in those with brains bug due to gluten. Gluten neurological disorder is a wits turmoil characterized by equilibrium disturbances not explained by any opposite create but due to the bodily function of gluten. The disorder responds to a protein do away with fare if permanent brain modification has not just occurred. Calcifications can be seen in the neural structure on appealing physical phenomenon imagery (MRI).

Deposits of protein overlapping antibodies have been found in wits body part obtained on diagnostic assay and examination specimens. Mario Hadjivassiliou, M.D. from Sheffield England recommends gluten ataxia be added to a catalogue of protein attendant diseases that includes at a tangent pathology and the rawhide disarray eczema herpetiformis. He has titled for a new inflection to be standard where upset unwellness is not thoughtful primarily as an internal organ illness.

Dr. Hadjivassiliou and colleagues just this minute published a written document of 9 patients next to gluten ataxy compared with seven patients near neurological disorder due to opposite causes. They found tissue transglutaminase IgA accumulation on small intestine viscus body part on all nine patients next to protein ataxia but no of the corner the market patients. Brain tissue from an necropsy of one long-suffering with protein neurological disease was likewise saved to have IgA tTG deposits in the cerebellum, pons varolii and fat of the psyche but not in a standardize wits.

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Previous studies have saved glum upset humor tests in patients beside protein motor ataxia suggesting that they may not have upset tho' they had a gluten attached bug. In desk light of a new document that humour tryout distrustful disorder disease can have viscus tTG and precocious enteral lay waste to it is questioning to sensation if the gluten motor ataxia patients beside bodily fluid tests gloomy are seronegative celiacs. It is ever more appearing that there is a terribly statewide array of protein associated malady and in that are non-celiac protein incidental symptoms that list the brain, skin, contractor system as economically as the gut.

Many patients I have seen near gluten sentiency identify symptoms of equilibrium difficulty, reduction technical hitches or "brain fog", headaches, and pathology and a few gossip symptoms specified as "bug crawling" sensations and weird contractor twitches. These symptoms commonly better beside a gluten-free fare and revisit next to deliberate or inadvertent protein display. For some, viscus symptoms or connective tissue rashes take place but not all. The idea of protein as a bring of intellect symptoms is motionless not one wide renowned or standard by abundant doctors, specially in the United States. However in Europe, mega England, Germany and Scandinavian countries, as healed as Australia and New Zealand the protein brain-gut relationship is much accepted.

Casein effort intelligence symptoms is also not commonly acknowledged by doctors in the U.S. though many another lay in the public eye organizations and go to groups have found a casein-free diet to be related to near alteration of intellect activate as okay as serving autism.

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What is required is more openness of U.S. doctors to the function of fare and foods in such symptoms and diseases and much more than scientific investigation. I ask you to joint me on the cruise of the food, bacteria, gut-brain-joint-skin connexion to bug and condition.


Autoantibody targeting of intellect and enteric transglutaminase in gluten neurological disorder. Hadjivassiliou M. et. al. Neurology 2006; 66:373-377.

Endomysial antibody-negative bodily cavity disease: medical institution characteristics and enteric antibody deposits. Gut 2006; 55:1746-1753.

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