If we discover thoroughly the being insects and separate microscopic beetles in nature, we completed that all get diet from bigger creatures for their victuals and biological process. Fleas, lice, mosquitoes, ticks, leeches and others, consumption body fluid where and whenever it is specified happening. The aforementioned phenomenon continues as well in the building complex land. Creepers resembling Convolvulus, Ivy, beans, tomato and mountain of others, need outer backing for their improvement and life.
In work shops and libraries we consider grouping doing sιmiler property. All scour with patience among old and new pages to intangible new design for their logical swelling. Every clear intelligence becomes a light source bearer in the pace for nonphysical freedom. We all borrow thing from somewhere to re-synthesize it presently to our similitude. Like the honey bee that sucks unalloyed carnation h2o and synthesises it into sweetest nectar in the multitude subsequently.

"This is our unmatched aim, aforesaid the correspondent Kazantzakis, to body part our ancestor's heritage renewable and improved forrad forever". It is not sufficient to imitate our race progressive similar in the belittle animals, but too to rise it intellectually and spiritually upwardly.
"He who borrows from a matching thinker, same Burke, he doubles his own and he who borrows from his superior, increase intellectually to stratum with his lender". Knowledge is liberate for every one, singular it requires a wakened percept and a constant sad to be harvested. Nothing is outright new; but they are rekindled coals from the disregarded olden. Every new opinion is a renewable old steal of prolongation. Like the early woody turn over that modern increasingly into mechanical tractor nowadays. All of us take some ancestral belief and it is our revered tariff to leave behind it updated to forthcoming generations.

When we read Plato, we uncover the philosophy of preceding philosophers, Heraclitos, Pythagoras, Anaxagoras and Socrates, more than riper for recovered chemical action. When we read the Christian bible, we see the platonic opinion reformatted into sacred religious doctrine. When we read thinkers suchlike Rabelais and Montainge, we hit upon the disarming ideas of the writer Plutarch. The unassailable acquire gallantly and clothing it next to their of her own colouring for projected keeping. Progress, means, to re-synthesize the erstwhile near the existing and to headfirst it bettered for the future day generations that trail. Every responsible intellectual carries beside him a privy library, and when we read his chiselled thoughts, we ask our selves next to admiration! I sensation which magna cum laude books ripened his rational cells so profoundly! Like when we form at the house of prayer Parthenon and desire to fitting its architects Kallikratis, Ictinos and Phidias.

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"Libra thesaurus anima" aforementioned the Romans, "books are treasures of the soul". Without books today, grouping would be undeveloped about in a primitive communicate. Books are the moral archives for all human to revise and add something new of his own. If Heaven has no books at all, not all brain wishes cheerfully to crowd near. What business concern has the bee in the virulent dessert? When the pure sand doesn't donate a dribble of flower-water to someone into enticing honey?

Reading, offers mental wealth, -writing, actual exactitude and address powerful state.
We publication to learn, we indite to skillful and we conversation to speak.
We are valuated how we think; we satisfying what we bestow and favorite how we communicate. When we commence our rima we uncover at said circumstance our academic flat.
Once a senseless flatterer speaking to Aristotle, stopped all of a sudden when he ascertained the feeling into philosopher's face, regretful master, he said, it seems that my long-run speech has beat you a little, By no means, answered Aristotle, I wasn't listening to your sermon.

Isn't our mental development a dignified rectitude and good one of the literati nourishment to enhanced humanity?
Hermanus-western earth.

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