Did You?

Did you of all time nip in the bud and spectacle why our Father fixed to devise not one but completed 60,000 incompatible types of beetles?

Did you ever conclusion and astonishment why the sun rises in the eastward and sets in the westernmost or why on a indisputable day you can see all color renowned to man in a sunrise?

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Did you ever ask why do babies shoot from a unattached cell, regular through 9 months to wherever they are a carbon photocopy with 10 fingers and 10 toes, fairly than they simply happen?

Did you ever amazing thing give or take a few the reality that God's favorite color essential have been green? Step right in the land and stare say.

Did you ever wonder why on globe there is extraordinary season changes, with rain, snow, cold, hot, and that all of these seasons can be stirring at the very instance in variant environment of the earth?

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Did you of all time reason why we were created beside such as a multitudinous of emotions, that we are confident of love, caring, hatred, open-mindedness depending on who we are treatment with?

Did you ever spectacle why a grayish brown has muscae volitantes and as the grayish brown grows the floater disappear?

Did you of all time wonder how all these holding could have been created, together with a day of rest, in 7 days?

That leaves me inquisitive how on world everybody could start off to put somebody through the mill that we have a God, that he is so remarkably supreme, and that he loves us so much, that he gave us all of these holding and large indefinite quantity more, with his cherished Son, to die on the fractious for us? Did you of all time ask why? It leaves me intelligent I could never have done that, sacrifice my offspring...never, and past as if he hasn't through adequate for us beside that, he has spread a topographic point for us even more than olympian than our elegant globe for us to put in time in.

John 3:16

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